Network Installation

Installing hardware that will work together to be able to share data quickly and securely to your users.

Network Installation

Your servers and computers communicate through networking hardware. The speed and reliability of these devices is crucial to how fast your employees can access the programs and data they need to do their work.

It’s just like building a house… you need a good solid foundation from the ground up to have a nice and secure home that you trust won’t come down anytime soon.

We start building the network from the ground up. For a new company, we work closely with the cabling company to make sure the wiring is newest and the fastest in the market.

Next, we map out the entire network and where all the devices will end up and make sure all the offices have enough cable drops to accommodate everyone that needs to plug into the local network.

After that, we start deciding on what kind of switches we will use. A switch is a device that allows all the other devices to talk to each other. There are managed switches (used for networks that need higher end switching like Voip) or non-managed ones that are the most common kind.

Once that is done, we move onto the firewall, wireless access points, and the Internet connection. We put together a personized plan for your company.

All 3 must be configured to play nice with each other so this part is very important to make sure the result is that we provide you with a fast and secure network that will be robust to handle your data usage and secure enough to keep the hackers out.

Checkpoints - Network Installation

Plan and deploy network hardware

Order the right equipment based on your needs

Making sure everything works together for speed and reliability

Testing speed and finding bottlenecks

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