Local and Cloud Backup

Keeping your data protected from any unforeseen disaster.

Cloud computing

There is nothing more important in the computer world that we currently live in than backup. Please read that line again…we cannot stress enough how important it is to have all your data not only backed up, but backed up in more than once place.

Every device we use from desktop and laptop computers to cell phones, keep data on them. We forget sometimes that they are all mechanical devices and will at some point fail. They don’t make them like they used to is a common saying now a days and it holds true.

Not only do you have to worry about the actual device going bad, but also from being hacked and your data compromised from hackers. After the Covid pandemic started, Ransomware (a program that will ruin your data unless you pay the hackers their asking price) ran rampant and has gone to new levels of amounts of attacks every minute of every day.

You MUST have your data backed up as often as possible to be able to sleep at night especially if you own a business. All your companies’ data can be gone in a flash and all those years of hard work right down the tubes.

Here at MSP Pros, we offer very secure solutions that we customize to your companies need. We include daily local and cloud backup that will protect your data even if a natural disaster happens to your office.

We also put together disaster recovery plans so we will be ready in case your equipment fails, or you get Ransomware. Our goal in these plans is to make sure your data is safe and get you back up and working as fast as you can.

Benefits of Local and Cloud Backup

Keeping your data safe in our #1 priority

Setting up onsite and cloud backup

Creating a full Disaster Recovery Plan and implementing it

Making sure hackers cant touch your offsite data

Cutting down full recovery time in case of an attack

Monitoring backup reports to make sure all the backups are running on schedule

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