Cyber Security

There is nothing more important than your company’s data.


From your databases, accounting software, and company wide documents, everything you input into any kind of program needs to be protected.

The world has changed in the last 10 years (esp the last 2 years after the pandemic started) with more and more bad people trying to steal that data. Once they do have access to it, they will either post it on the web for everyone to see or try and charge you outrageous fees to get it back.

Every business now needs to take steps to protect that data.

Cyber security software and monitoring will do just that.

The software will be installed to all your computers and servers and will monitor them and the entire network for attacks. Once it sees an attack happening, it will block the bad people out so they can’t get into anything.

The Cyber Software companies continually update their software to try to stay ahead of the criminals and do a very good job of that.

Of course, nothing is full proof, so companies still need to make sure they have a solid firewall and more importantly data backups off site that can not be changed but only downloaded in case a full attack got through.

Here at MSP Pros we will provide you with Cyber Security software along with the firewall and backup software you can rest assured knowing we have all these bases covered.

If you are interested, here is a link to a current site that tracks cyber attacks around the world. Its crazy to see how many are happening every second.

Please call us to discuss your Cyber Security needs and lets start planning ways to protect your data from the bad guys.

Benefits of Managed Services

Cyber Security software to keep the hackers out

24/7 live monitoring available

Assistance with finding the right Cyber Security insurance plan

Training employees to use best practices to avoid scams

Network scan vulnerability testing

Disaster recovery plan in case of an attack

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