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Offering IT Services & Computer Repair to our Thousand Oaks Businesses

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Thousand Oaks businesses – When it comes to technology, most people say it is truly amazing when it is working correctly. It can help us do business more efficiently and quicker than businesses from the past.

The problem comes in when that technology fails which will inevitably happen. Here at MSP Pros, we understand how much downtime can cost a business and realize how fast your frustration can rise and send stress levels through the roof.

Below are some of the services and managed services that we offer to our Thousand Oaks clients:

Managed IT Services

In 2005, we recognized the old break/fix model wouldn’t work anymore because of the down time so we invested into managing our clients’ networks remotely and that is called Managed Services.  Click here for more info.

Remote Desktop & Laptop Support

Working Remotely? Don’t Worry, We Have You Covered. We offer full support to your employees working from home and working in a Hybrid environment.   Click here for more info.

Cyber Security

Every business now needs to take steps to protect that data. Cyber security software and monitoring will do just that. Call us to discuss your Cyber Security needs and lets start planning ways to protect your data from the bad guys.   Click here for more info.

Network Installation

Installing hardware that will work together to be able to share data quickly and securely to your users. For a new company, we work closely with the cabling company to make sure the wiring is newest and the fastest in the market.  Click here for more info.

Server Installation

Server setup is key to getting the most out of your own environment when talking about speed and user access from anywhere. We will make sure your new server will do exactly what we want and need it to do so you and your employees can work at optimal and secure levels.  Click here for more info.

Firewall & Access Point Setup

Along with firewall installs, we also install secure wireless access points so if there is anyone in your office that needs to use wireless device like laptops, tablets, or phones to access the company data, they will be secure and not be able to be hacked easily. Click here for more info.

Virtual Computing

The cloud is here to stay so we will help you use it to your advantage. There are multiple advantages to moving your main server to the cloud. Click here for more info.

Local & Cloud Backup

Here at MSP Pros, we offer very secure solutions that we customize to your companies need. We include daily local and cloud backup that will protect your data even if a natural disaster happens to your office. Click here for more info.

Managed IT Services, Computer Repair for our Thousand Oaks Clients:

Computer Optimization

24/7 Monitoring

Fixed Monthly Cost

Faster Response Time

Proactive Protection

Security Software

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