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Once upon a time… a young man started working in the IT field.  He started as a technician’s apprentice, progressed to head technician, and continued on this path learning and improving his capabilities. On the way, he started noticing how his values and approach differed from the established, mainstream service industry – where as the big companies focused only on profits and productivity, he gave equal weight to transparency and client satisfaction. That’s when our tale really started –  in 2000, Dan Natarelli, our young IT “hero”,  finally broke away from the company he was working for and started his own enterprise: A.N.D. Consulting. After a few years consolidating and expanding the original company, Dan  came across a product that caught his attention – Managed Services.  While researching and studying the technical advantages offered by the product, he realized it represented the future in servicing computers and servers. Not only that, but Managed Services also would benefit his current client base by keeping their networks and machines running at full speed with a lower cost. He felt it was a true win-win situation.

In late 2005, he decided to take the final step. The infrastructure was created through a partnership with a company called Kaseya, and the final product was rolled out to the marketplace under a new company: MSP Pros. True to his vision of offering the best services,  Dan kept the company local and offered the product  first to his clientele. In the beginning, some of the clients were reluctant or didn’t understand the advantages. It took some convincing, but the ones that signed up early with the product were happily pleased – they have seen what Kaseya did for them and their IT needs over the past 10 years.

This is not where the story ends… With technology changing on an almost daily basis, Dan stays ahead of the pack, learning new technologies and researching new possibilities. Overall,   MSP Pros still is a customer service company that takes great pride in making sure the client is happy and their problems are solved. So, if you want to be a part of this happy ending, just give them a call today.

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