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Managed Services

Our main offering at MSP Pros is something called Managed Services. The technical definition of Managed Services is: The practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations.  READ MORE

Networking Installation

In IT, a network is a series of points or nodes interconnected by communications paths. A network can be stand-alone or be connected to other networks and contain sub networks. Our services cover setting up and administrating the server installs as well as installing client’s machines onto the network…READ MORE

Additional Services

With all the new virus issues and spy ware issues lately, it seems that is the only word we come up with when we are asked about our computer system. Also, aren’t those pop-ups or SPAM e-mails about refinancing our mortgage just lovely? How about the iPhone that refuses to synchronize the address book with your computer and you end up with triple lists of phone numbers? Technology sometimes seems to bring more headaches than benefits…READ MORE

Frequently Asked Questions (click here)

It is the practice of transferring day-to-day IT tasks to an online system that will run these tasks automatically every night after business hours so it will not interrupt your work day. These tasks include antivirus scans, spyware scans, defrags, Microsoft patch installs, and backups to name a few.

A managed services provider (MSP) is typically an IT services provider, who manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to their clients either proactively or as the MSP determine that the services are needed. Most MSPs bill a flat or near-fixed monthly fee, which benefits their clients by providing them with predictable IT support costs.

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Yes. We do require a 1 year contract for businesses and a 6 month contract for home users. If you are a reseller, you will not have to sign a contract.

Yes we offer a wide array of other services. Please click here Services to see some of them or click here Contact Us to email us with your current IT needs and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Currently, we support all of Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are open Monday through Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM. If you need after hours assistance or Saturday assistance, please call to discuss your situation.

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